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If you haven't the time or the expertise to deal with new technology, or to train your employees to use your old technology, we can help.


Technology Solutions


We offer the following technical services:

Computer Repairs, Upgrades & Maintenance:

Need a computer fixed?  Bought new software, but haven't had time to pen it, much less install it?  New technology sitting in the box waiting for someone to set it up?
When was the last time you applied patches or fixes to your browser, operating system, or applications software?  Updated your antivirus software?  Defragged your hard drive? 
If no one in your office has the time or expertise, we can do it, and let YOU get back to work.

Website Design, Maintenance & Updates

  • Your customers have been asking about your website, but you're not sure what it takes to create one, or even if you NEED one.  You're not interested in selling products from the web, but should you have a web presence?  We can help answer these questions, and provide you with an online presence.
  • You had a website designed and posted, but you haven't even looked at it in over a year.  Are customers using it?  Is it helping your business?  Is the information on it up to date, or does it include incorrect information, products you no longer sell, and employees you no longer employ?  If you need an update or someone to maintain your website, or teach you how, WE CAN HELP.

Training & Technical Writing

  • You've purchased some GREAT productivity software for your office.  Problem is, no one knows how to use it.  Let us figure it out and help you decide how to utilize it best.  We'll train you and leave you with a set of directions.
  • Recent cutbacks have forced you to hire out to temps for some basic maintenance chores, like updating your client mailing lists, or checking the customer service email, or answering inquiries.  Problem is no two temps do it the same way, and after they leave, you're not even sure where to FIND the information.  You lose half a day training each one, because no one has the time to develop a set of instructions for them.  Let us help.  You train us once, we'll develop a clear set of instructions and standards.
  • You'd LIKE to print a company newsletter, but you just haven't got the time.  Give us the basic information and we can do it for you.
  • We also can do sales analysis reports, and other reports, instructions, etc Ask and let's find a creative solution!












Data Solutions:

How much information is stored on your computer that is irreplaceable?  What happens if it goes down?  Do you have hard copies and backups of your client lists?  Frequently used forms & form letters?  Marketing materials?  Do you even know where that information is stored?  We can organize and back up your files and print hard copies of anything you might need in the event of a power outage, computer failure, or just to help you get a handle on the clutter and restore some peace of mind.

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