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Writing Samples

Training Manual Sample

This is the first few pages of a 28 page manual created for a fairly complex database system.

Website Directions Sample

A short guide created for a non-technical staff member with a new laptop and system.

Biography Sample

A short biography/company profile created for marketing purposes.

Marketing Samples

All of the examples below were originally created as word documents to be pre-printed to letterhead. None of these is entirely original, borrowing heavily on marketing suggestions from the corporate marketing department, and from coworkers in the office. Hey, at least I'm honest.

Web Marketing Flyer

This one was created to market the brand new corporate site. Each loan consultant has, essentially their own, but they all look exactly the same.

Log On Flyer

Part 2 of Web marketing flyers. This one did NOT include the corporate logo, so was never used.

Energy Flyer

A flyer for the energy crisis.

Print Advertisement

Advertisement for the program for the Relay of Life, which is a walk to raise money to fight/cure cancer.


Logo Samples

Creative Solutions Logos

Logos I created for our business.

TimeOut Logos

Logos created for a potential future business.

My Personal Logo

Is featured above. The Bull on Disks Logo is just a simple reworking of preexisting clipart, nothing fancy. I like it, though.

Websites I have known:

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